Our tech-centred jobs and lifestyle have led to the majority of us leading highly sedentary lives. With this can come a plethora of health issues if we don’t consciously focus on our physical wellbeing.

However, technology can also be used as a way of improving our health and wellbeing, encouraging us to be more active and providing us with greater access to telemedicine, physical therapy and health management. One of the most popular devices designed to aid health and fitness is the special wristwatch known as the smartwatch. 

Here we’ll delve into how smartwatches are pushing us to be more health-conscious and how they’re improving the way we manage our fitness.

Encourage An Active Lifestyle

Can our watches make us more active? Well, research seems to think so, demonstrating that smartwatch users are more active than non-users. With a range of health apps available and the ability for all levels to get involved with some sort of fitness regime, it’s no wonder. You can even set up your watch to gently remind you when you need to be more active.

Many smartwatches will provide you with several short workouts and easy-to-follow tutorials to help encourage you to meet your fitness goals, even if you only have a few minutes spare. These are also available on demand, allowing you to choose what type of workouts you wish to complete at a time that’s best for you. Once finished, you’re able to view and track your overall accomplishments.

Measure Your Health Goals

Smartwatches are revolutionising the patient-doctor relationship by gathering information about wellbeing and providing actionable care based on the data. You can program your wristwatch to monitor things such as your heart rate, sleep, and physical activity, and you can share this data with a medical professional for better insight into your wellbeing.

Also, you can use your watch to track your calorie intake should you be trying to stick to a diet. Developing healthy eating habits and planning for meals can be difficult. Being able to track these so easily and quickly is effective for keeping up with your health goals.

Luxury watchmaker TAG Heuer has released their own stunning smartwatch range, alongside a wellness app that enables users to track daily activities. As always, the Swiss-made watches are highly accurate, being able to measure the heaviest of workouts to the tiniest of steps.

Detect Disease In Advance

Preventative measures and early detection of disease are some of the most important ways to notify you of any potential health ailments. As an example, some smartwatches are improving the detection of atrial fibrillation or other similar heart diseases by picking up on risks through digital health sensors. 

It has even been suggested that smartwatches could detect diseases like diabetes or the common cold by analysing blood sugar levels and blood pressure. Daily use and monitoring can therefore improve wellbeing and help to catch any health scares before they escalate.