It takes a lot to be a stellar athlete: discipline, natural talent, a support network, and more. For most sports, you also need to have good eyesight. It’s what you use to navigate the court or field, after all, and grants you the depth perception you need to hit your targets and avoid obstacles. Hockey players will want a clear vision to keep tabs on the puck. Basketball players need their eyes sharp to spot any openings to grab the ball or defend against opposing team members.

In short, athletes will want to invest effort in caring for their eyes. Here are four ways you can start.

Wear Sports Sunglasses

Since sharp vision is paramount in many sports, eye injuries can be particularly devastating. You’ll want to note that you can incur them from sources as direct as projectiles hitting your eye or as subtle as sight deterioration from too much UV ray exposure. To prevent this from happening, wear sunglasses that can shield your eyes from hard impacts and sunlight. If you want your shades to contribute to your athletic performance, consider getting a dedicated pair of sports sunglasses that feature the latest vision-sharpening technologies and lightweight, sports-ready frames. Oakley, a reputable activewear brand, has several shades specifically designed for different sports, like the Encoder model with helmet compatibility for cyclists and the Flak 2.0 with High Definition Optics lenses for baseball players. Check them out if you want an excellent pair of sports sunglasses.

Practice Good Hygiene

You know you’ve finished a great workout when you’ve worked up a good sweat. However, if you want to maintain good health—for your eyes and otherwise—know that you can’t stay sweat-drenched for long. You’ll be in danger of catching bacterial infections that can spread to your pupils. Styes, for example, occur when you touch your eyes with unwashed hands. You might get fungal keratitis if fungi reach your eyes and your immune system happens to be weakened, or conjunctivitis if you share a face towel with a teammate who has it. Make sure that when you exercise, you use your own towels and keep your equipment clean. You’ll also want to head straight for the shower as soon as you’ve cooled down to wash away any grime you’ve accumulated after playing.

Take Vision Supplements

A healthy diet is essential for optimal sports performance. You’ll want to eat meals rich in lean meats, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to supply nutrients that can keep your body—including your eyes—robust and hale. That said, continual strenuous activity can take a toll on your biological systems and heighten your demands for nourishment, which opens up the possibility for nutrient deficiencies that can affect your eyes. A lack of Vitamin B, for example, can cause dry eye, while Vitamin A increases the risk of vision loss. To prevent this, take vision supplements to properly care for your eyes and grant them the sustenance they need. You’ll want to consult with your healthcare provider first to help you assess what you’re lacking and how much of each nutrient you need to consume. Then, you can head to your local drugstore and get multivitamins from reliable manufacturers like Transparent Labs Immune and LifeForce Omega. By taking supplements, you can boost your diet’s ability to keep your eyes clear and sharp on the playing field.

Get Regular Eye Tests

As an athlete, you need always to be conscious about the state of your body. That’s usually easier said than done, considering that intense physical activity can be continually causing changes to your physique—and shifts in your eyesight can be particularly subtle. That’s why you should schedule regular eye tests to see if anything needs addressing. Even if you don’t notice symptoms, your optometrist may spot early signs of vision loss-inducing conditions like glaucoma and macular degeneration. That way, you can get treatment as early as possible and prevent these issues from worsening. Ensure you have a sight test once every two years to verify your eyes are still in great shape.

Your vision is a vital part of your performance as an athlete. Make sure you take care of your eyes by following the above tips.