Massage guns have shown effectiveness in relieving muscle stiffness, soreness, and pain. They also allow you to get massage sessions conveniently from home to relieve muscular pain and tension, among other benefits. Before getting one, however, it is helpful to note that there are many different types of massagers available, and not all of them are equal. There are several factors to consider when picking one, including differences in price, portability, features, battery life, and overall quality. Read on to discover some of the most popular massage guns you will come across.

1. Theragun 

The brand is a staple among different types of consumers seeking muscle relief, from routine exercisers to athletes, and even chiropractors. As seen on Ssense’s Theragun collection, the company stocks a range of percussive therapy guns, including the premium massage gun called the Elite, the Pro, the Prime, and the Mini versions.

The different versions vary in terms of weight, speed options, price, attachments, and battery life. For instance, the 1.2kg Pro version has 6 different speeds and 7 attachments; whereas the Elite version comes with 5 different speeds and 5 attachments (heads) and weighs 1kg. The Pro is also said to have a superior ergonomic grip.

2. VYBE Percussion 

Vybe is another popular brand to consider for those seeking a great massager. Just like most others, VYBE offers a range of massage guns, including the Pro, Flex, Premium, and V2. The flex and V2 percussion variants can be a great option if you’re after an inexpensive yet reputable hand massage gun. They also come with 2 rechargeable batteries, one of which is a backup spare.

3. Hyperice Hypervolt 

Hypervolt also offers a few quiet, lightweight, and easy-to-use percussion guns. One of the most common is the Hypervolt GO, which weighs just 1.5lbs and delivers a good 3200 percussions a minute. This not only makes it a travel-friendly device but also quite powerful in delivering massage benefits as well. The slight downside is that the grip tends to be a bit wanting, plus the two power buttons on the device can be a little confusing to a first-time user. All the same, the company offers several percussion massage guns at different prices and effectiveness levels, including the Hypervolt 2 Pro, Hypervolt Plus, and the original version.

4. Mighty Bliss Percussion

If you’re looking for an inexpensive massager, this is another potentially effective option to check out. It is specifically designed to provide deep tissue back and body massage, which is among the common types of massages available. The device is said to offer 3,700 RPM, a frequency powerful enough to massage your back and other body parts deeply to relieve tension, cramps, and soreness. The massager features a sleek design, with two hours of battery life after an hour of charging. What’s more, it is inexpensive compared to other options, making it a good choice for those on a budget.

5. Legiral Le3 

This one is among the best options when it comes to battery life. The Legiral Le3 massager promises a decent 6 hours of battery life and comes with 6 head attachments alongside a carry case. It also offers 20 different speeds, thus giving you more control over the massage vibrations and force. It is almost comparable to the Theragun Pro, although some people find its 1.9kg weight quite heavy for travel. It is actually the heaviest handheld massagers on the list despite its affordability.

From time to time, everyone experiences muscle soreness, pain, and tightness. This could come from what is termed as delayed-onset muscle soreness, a condition in which the muscles feel sore after a session of intense workout. These symptoms may also be a result of injury or a medical condition. Thankfully, handheld massagers can help, and the above are a few options to consider when looking for one.