Businesses have the freedom to switch their utility providers if they are unhappy or feel that they are spending too much money and want to cut costs. 

Water is a necessity especially in the gym, owners need to find ways to cut the expensive rates when it comes to the cost of water while still having the gym be fully operational with running water.  

But can gyms switch business water suppliers? Let’s read further to discuss this. 

Why Do Gyms Need to Have A Water Supply? 

People often squeeze in a workout before or after work. Spending time at the gym can be tiring and very sweaty with little time to head home to freshen up before having to attend the next commitment whether it be work, or a night out. 

This means that gyms should have running water for their showers and fully functioning bathrooms, filling pools, using the air conditioning system and even selling bottled water to their clients. 

But how much water is used when the gym is open? There are too many answers to this question, which means that the water consumption is on an all time high. 

How Can Gyms Save on Water? 

Gyms can save water by adjusting the amount of water used by their clients by changing the shower heads to low-flow shower heads, installing low-flow toilets and taps. 

They can also open up windows to allow cool air to blow through the building instead of using air-conditioning to regulate the gym’s temperature.

How Can Gyms Change their Business Water Supplier? 

Gym owners need to first know where their current water supply is coming from. With the open market regulation of water in the UK, companies have split into the wholesalers and the retailers. 

The wholesaler would be one of the main water and sewerage companies. These companies then sell their services to retailers who in turn supply businesses with water at an individual rate allowing every other retailer to be in competition for clientele. 

Businesses are free to choose who they want to be their supplier which makes it easier for them to find the perfect match for their business and their business pockets. 

How do businesses know if they are able to switch their business water supplier?

Before making a switch businesses need to see if they are eligible and meet the criteria. The main requirement is that the business is in its primary use as a business premises and not a house that has a business office. 

Aside from it having to be a business premise, here are some other requirements for the criteria that it needs to have. 

They can be allotments, these are usually run by societies and associations and are not designated to be lived in so they qualify for a water supplier switch. 

It can also be a self-catering holiday ; these businesses are not permanent residences so they are also eligible to make a business water supplier switch if they wanted to.

Youth hostels and temporary supply for developers are also on the list of eligibility when it comes to being able to make a business water switch. 

Steps to changing your business water suppliers 

You need to know what your consumption of water is currently before you make a switch, this way you will know how much water your business is using and the amount that you are paying for it. 

Once you have gotten that figured out, you must then check your current tariff. This you can identify by checking your water bill and noticing how much you pay per cubic metre of water, you will also find the wastewater services rates on the bill. 

You can either switch both wastewater and clean water service or only one. 

After figuring out the above, you can now start looking for a new supplier. However, first contact your old supplier and check if they can change the contract you already have if you might consider staying with them if they offered you cheaper rates. 

At times businesses can be put on a default business rate which can be expensive but asking before you switch can result in you switching to a different tariff but staying with the same business supplier. 

If you are happy to stay or if you have found a new supply company the next step is to seal the deal by signing the contract. 

The new supplier will then reach out to you and confirm the services that you want and confirm your eligibility. 

There is also a seven day cooling off period that allows for you to change your mind if you decide to not make the switch anymore. 


Making the switch to a new business supplier can be an easy process if you know what you are looking for. 

Ensure that your business meets the criteria of eligibility and that you have taken the necessary precautions to reduce water consumption to help save on costs. 

Gyms just like any other business can use the above mentioned tips to be more water efficient and teach their clients to save.