What is FitOrbit?

FitOrbit is a place where fitness revolves around you!

Get the treatment you deserve with fitness support and motivation from a real personal training expert. You'll get matched to a FitOrbit training expert based on your personality and goals. Your trainer will work with you to create an interactive fitness plan filled with personalized workouts and meals that easily fit into your busy schedule. Your trainer will monitor your progress, answer any questions that come up during the day, and give you motivation and feedback to help you stay on track to slim down and tighten up. See What's Included >>

Can an online trainer be as effective as an in person trainer?

Most people will do better with an online trainer because they are in complete control of their progress. Your personal trainer will guide and motivate you to meet your goals, but you can do everything in your workout and nutrition plans on your own time at your own convenience and even from your own home. And if you’re unsure about a workout, a detailed instructional video comes with each one. You will get all the support and the advice (if not more!) from your online trainer as you would anywhere else at a much lower cost. And you will be able to contact your trainer as often as you need through our system!

How does personal training work online?

Once you complete your fitness profile and questionnaire, your trainer will review your goals and setup a weekly plan that is specifically structured to your lifestyle. Your trainer will monitor your progress by reviewing your daily completed/incomplete logs of meals and activities and provide you with constructive feedback. Your personal trainer will also be available to answer any questions or prevent “panics” if you are tempted to stray from your plan.

What do I get in my meal plan?

Your meal plan will consist of at least 3 meals per day for each week. It will come with suggested meals, ingredient lists, a grocery list and meal times for each day. The meals suggested will be created based on your personal preference and personal fitness goals.

Do I have to buy meals from FitOrbit?

No! We do not sell meals to our subscribers. You are free to purchase your own meals and ingredients. The suggested meals are only guides to help meet your fitness goals. If you want to substitute them, simply swap them out with something of equal nutritional value.

Do I have to sign a contract to subscribe?

No, you do not have to sign any contracts to be a subscriber and get started with FitOrbit but please be sure to read our Terms of Service.

Is my fitness plan created by my trainer?

Yes, of course! Your training expert is a real-live human being with real world personal training experience. Each personal trainer was hand picked and screened by our staff before enrolling. We assure you, you are in good hands with a real, qualified personal trainer.

What if my plan is not delivered?

We keep track of trainer schedules, so a plan not being delivered is a rare occurrence. However, trainers are real people and if an emergency does occur and your trainer is unable to deliver your plan we will give you the option of selecting a new trainer or be refunded for the time lost.

Does my trainer call me?

For your and the trainers’ privacy and safety, we do not allow direct SMS, phone or e-mail communication between parties. However, you and your trainer can message one another as often as you like through the FitOrbit system and through plan comments on the web or phone application.

How much does it cost to subscribe to FitOrbit?

There are currently a few offers available on FitOrbit, but you start for as low as $11.50/week. That’s less than a cup of coffee a day!

To view all of the FitOrbit Offers, please click here

What is included with my FitOrbit subscription?

Once you purchase your package you will receive unlimited communication with your personal trainer, a weekly workout plan, meal plan, instructional videos, tutorials and (depending on your package) a free subscription to Health Magazine. Each package contains all the same FitOrbit features. The only difference between packages is the duration of the subscription.

Are there any hidden fees or charges?

There are no hidden fees with FitOrbit. Some subscribers purchase additional workout items, such as jump ropes or dumbbells, but such items are not required or necessary to complete your plan.

Will there be instructions for meals and workouts?

Your trainer will post instructional videos and detailed instructions on how to perform workouts and prepare meals. If you still have any questions or feel that you aren’t doing something right, you are always free to message your trainer for a speedy response.

Can I use FitOrbit if I do not cook at home?

Yes. FitOrbit trainers can adapt to anyone as long as you are upfront and honest about your capabilities and lifestyle. The more your trainer knows about you, the more your meal plan will reflect your reality.

How do I pick the right trainer?

You can take a free questionnaire that matches you to your best-suited trainer in the system. You can scope them out by viewing their profiles, reading their articles and their clients’ success stories. If you want to search for your own trainer, you can browse through all the trainers by clicking here and selecting the one you feel is best for you. If you wish to switch trainers, just email us at support@fitorbit.com and we'll be happy to assist you!

Has FitOrbit worked for other people?

Yes! FitOrbit has been very helpful to many other subscribers. Check out the Buzz on FitOrbit

Will FitOrbit work for the average guy?

FitOrbit is meant for the regular person, like you. It is designed so that you can move along to meet your fitness goals at your own pace with the encouragement and guidance of your personal trainer. You can move at the speed and intensity you so choose.

What if I miss a day/week?

We all have a few setbacks. Your trainer will be able to put you back on track if you don’t follow your plan or your workout. It’s recommended, however, that you keep your trainer informed on your schedule so your plan can be created to accommodate for bumps in the road such as travel, visitors, birthday cakes, etc.

How do I get started?

Getting started is the easiest part! Simply take the free trainer match quiz

Can I get this on my phone?

Yes! FitOrbit is available for the iPhone in the iTunes App Store. Be on the lookout for other devices!

Who are the best trainers?

All of our trainers are more than qualified to assist you with whatever fitness goals you have. The best trainer for you is the trainer you can communicate and feel the most comfortable with.

What if I have questions about my plan?

Your trainer is available to answer questions regarding your plan, or you can always contact our support desk by emailing support@fitorbit.com. You can also call us at 1-424-652-9650 Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. PST.

When will I get my plan?

There are a few reasons why you may not have received your plan. Your trainer cannot complete your fitness and meal plan unless your Lifestyle Questionnaire is filled out in its entirety. Log into your account and make sure that this has been completed so that your trainer can get to work reviewing it!

If you have already completed your Lifestyle Questionnaire and there are no holds on your account, please note that our plans are created by real people who develop a plan for you that is tailored specifically to your needs, goals, and preferences. For this reason, it takes approximately two days for your first plan to be delivered. After the delivery of your first plan, there will be no delay in receiving subsequent plans and you will experience no interruption in your training schedule!

How much time will I have to prepare for my plan each week?

Your first week’s plan will typically be delivered to you within 48 hours of submitting your lifestyle questionnaire, and each subsequent week will be sent to you 24 hours in advance (or more) of your weekly start date.

There is a medical hold on my account – what does this mean?

This means that you answered “yes” to a health-related question. If this was in error, or if you have clearance from your doctor to begin an exercise program, just let our support team know by emailing support@fitorbit.com. Or, hang tight because a customer support representative will be emailing you very shortly.

What is my dashboard?

Your dashboard provides you with any important updates or system notices, displays your weight graph, and shows your progress toward your weight goal. If you're still waiting for your first plan, check out your dashboard for some activities to engage in while your trainer crafts your first week's plan for you!

How do I view my plan by day?

Once your trainer delivers your plan, you can view it by logging in and selecting the “my plan” tab. Clicking on the arrows on either side of the date allows you to scroll forward and backwards through your plan by day.

How do I view my grocery list?

Once your trainer delivers your weekly plan, you can view your grocery list by clicking on the grocery basket icon, located directly below the “Quick Add” button.

Can I print out my plan?

Yes, you can print out each day’s plan by clicking on the printer button located on each page of your plan. To print a particular day, click on this button from the daily view of the day you wish to print. Or, click “week view” to print out an overview of your entire week. You can choose to print just your meals and recipes, just your workouts, or all of the details of your plan.

How do I view the details of my plan?

To view the details of your entire plan, click on the upward facing arrow at the top of that particular day. It’s located to the right of that day’s date, next to the check mark. Click this button to open up the expanded view of your plan.

How do I view the details of a particular meal or workout?

Click on the name of a meal or workout for the expanded view of that item, which will show all of the foods or exercises contained in that item. Any recipes can be viewed by clicking on “view recipe.” To see how to do any particular portion of your workout, click on “instructions” for any of the exercises within a workout.

How do I view an entire week of my plan at once?

You can view an entire week at a time by selecting “week view.” Day view is selected by default.

Can I log everything with one click?

Yes! If you wish to log your entire day of meals and exercises as assigned, just click on the check mark at the top of your plan (located to the right of that day’s date).

How do I mark a meal or workout as completed?

Just click on the check mark next to the meal or workout name to log everything contained in that item as complete.

How do I add foods to my plan?

You can search for and log additional foods to your plan using the “Quick Add” button at the top of your plan. Select “food” and search for the item. Update the quantity and select the meal you’d like to add to the food to (or just select “anytime”).

You can also add a food to a particular meal by clicking on that meal, and using the quick add tool at the bottom of the meal.

How do I modify an assigned meal?

Once you’ve added any additional items to a meal using “Quick Add,” you can remove any items you did not eat using the “-“ button next to that item. Once the meal is updated, “Save” the meal (located at the bottom of the meal).

How do I add exercises to my plan?

You can search for and log additional exercises to your plan using the “Quick Add” button at the top of your plan. Select “exercise” and search for the item you wish to add. Update the sets, reps, weight and/or duration, and click on “add exercise.” You can also add exercises to an assigned workout by using the quick add option at the bottom of the workout.

How do I log my weight?

Click on “Dashboard” and then click on the “log weight” link on your weight chart. Enter your weight along with the correct date and click on the “+Add” button. Then click “update.”

Oops! I made a mistake logging my weight. What do I do?

Not a problem! Just click on the “log weight” link on your weight chart and you can either remove an entry by clicking on the “-“ symbol next to the date of the entry, or you can edit the weight that you input for a particular date. Click “update” to save your changes.

I’m getting too many emails, or I’m not getting all of the alerts I wish to receive.

You can change which emails and alerts you receive at any time by clicking on your name at the top of the page when logged in. Select the “settings” option, and then select the “manage alerts” tab in order to enable and disable your notifications as you see fit.

How do I talk to my trainer using “Trainer Chat”?

The trainer chat feature is located on the right side of your “My Plan” page and presents all messages exchanged between you and your trainer in one continuous thread.

Can I leave a comment about a particular part of my plan?

Yes, just click on “leave comment” at the bottom of the meal or workout you’d like to comment on. Your trainer will see your comment and will be able to reply to you in the comments section for that item.

Can I view all of my comments and messages in one place?

All of your communications with your trainer can be conveniently viewed in one place by clicking on the “Messages” tab at the top of the screen.

My trainer sent me a message, do I have to log into the site to respond?

Nope! You can easily reply to your trainer’s messages and comments via email. Just reply to the email from within your email application when you receive a notification that your trainer has left you a message or comment.

What if I don’t know how to do an exercise?

Each exercise comes with detailed instructions, and most also have instructional videos. Just click on “instructions” to view how to do an exercise. If you have additional questions about a workout or exercise, you can always ask your trainer!

I need to change the information on my Lifestyle Questionnaire.

If any of the info that you provided to your trainer changes (your available equipment, your food preferences) or if you wish to provide your trainer with more detailed information, you can update your questionnaire at any time by clicking on your name at the top of the screen, and then selecting “Lifestyle Questionnaire.”

Help! I have more questions.

Our support team is standing by and always ready to assist you. Please email support@fitorbit.com and our team will happily help you out! Or, click on the help menu at the top of the page when you're logged in to view some helpful tutorials.

I want to turn off my recurring billing, how do I do this?

No problem, you can do this at any time. Click on your name at the top of the screen, and select “settings” from the dropdown menu. Select the “billing” tab and click on the link to cancel at the bottom of your payment history.

I would like a refund, who should I contact?

Please email our support team at support@fitorbit.com. However, if there is anything we can do to make this program a success for you, please let our support team know before you cancel altogether, as we truly want you to succeed with us!