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Sheryl Butchin

Get everything you need to reach your goals with 6 months of training. My Complete Plan for You Includes:

  • Your daily meal plan, hand-crafted for your tastes
  • Personal workouts with easy "how to" videos
  • I am always here to motivate AND hold you accountable
  • Simple tools to log and track your progress

Your Happiness — guaranteed. Five ways.

  • Love your trainer

    Or switch to another, any time.
  • Best value anywhere

    You won't find a trainer for less.
  • Personalized plan.

    Foods and exercises you'll love.
  • Full support, all the way.

    All the support you need.
  • Customer help.

    Super responsive and helpful team.
    Got Questions? Contact us

Unbeatable value. Don't just take our word for it.

Trainer Matching
Trainer Availability
Trainer Cost
Meal Flexibility


Ridiculously Affordable
Proven system to match needs and personality
As close to 24/7 it gets for advice, support wherever you are
save big! $50 a month
1000s of Recipes PLUS exclusive Restaurants NearBy™ feature
compare to... Ordinary Personal
Ridiculously Expensive
Whoever's available at the gym
A few hours a week, at the gym
spend big! $720 a month
A few recipes if you're lucky

No matter what your fitness goals -- FitOrbit has you covered.

Nothing beats working out with a trainer for just $10 per week.

We love the fact that you can choose your fitness level...

This program is a real plus for someone who wants both a trainer and nutritionist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does online personal training really work?

YES! FitOrbit training is the only way to get EVERYTHING you need, all in one place. A detailed meal plan, a personal workout plan, unlimited guidance and motivation. All from the trainer of your choice. All without having to go to a sweaty, crowded gym. All at your convenience, without any scheduling hassles or missed appointments.

How do I know if I a€™m doing the exercises correctly?

Every FitOrbit exercise comes with detailed yet easy-to-follow instructions, created by our trainers. Most exercises have one-minute instructional videos you can watch on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Is my trainer a real person?

YES! All our trainers are real certified experts and real flesh and blood people. Your real trainer makes your plan and answers your questions. Not some robo-system or call center — just you and your real dedicated expert €— working towards your real goals.

How does the 30-day money back guarantee work?

We mean it, if FitOrbit is not right for you at any point before your first 30 days, you can email us at and ask for your full refund. No questions asked. This guarantee only applies for 13- and 26-week plans and must be requested within the first 30 days.

How can a trainer give me personal attention for $2/day, when they charge $60/hr at the gym?

FitOrbit is great for trainers too because they get to do what they love —“ training. No selling, no scheduling, no missed appointments, no schleping to clients' houses. Nothing but just working with clients like you to change their lives!

How soon should I expect my Free Gift?

We know you are excited and we are too! Due to all the goodies in your "gift" and ordering, please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. Gift with purchase is limited to US residents only.

Thank you for choosing FitOrbit!

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