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Your Plan — Real Life

The FitOrbit experience is so easy-to-use and so helpful – you’ll use it every day.

The more you use FitOrbit, the more quickly you lose weight. It’s your life. FitOrbit just makes it better.

How Your Plan Is Made.

While we’d like to take all the credit, it’s really our great trainers who make your plans so personal. Plans are made personal because our system facilitates a real dialogue between our trainers and our clients so that everyone understands what’s wanted and what’s needed.

You set the expectations, and your trainer will meet them.

Anything short of that simply will not work. Because if it’s not personal, it’s not possible.

It evolves with your day.

We know that no matter how much you plan, things are always bound to come up. So we crafted a program that will not only adjust to your life, it enables you to continue making healthy decisions even when you’ve hit a bump in the road.

Turkey ran away before you could cook it? No problem, we’ll make that work too!

We’ve designed a program that is truly a companion to your real life. Your plan and your trainer are always one click away.

Communication is the key.

In the future, we’ll all be able to read minds. But today, we have to be sure to communicate. We know that the clients who succeed the most, are the clients who communicate with their trainer the most.

So we’ve made communication easier than ever before. Easily reply by e-mail, on the website or even through our mobile app.

Eat delicious — yet nutritious — foods.

Our meal plans aren’t about getting you used to eating carrots and cardboard. They’re about helping you break unhealthy patterns and introducing you to delicious new foods.

Your trainer does all the legwork and will send you meals and recipes that sing to your taste buds and look good on your hips.

Get a weekly grocery list.

No one likes making their own grocery list, so we’ve decided to make it for you. Every week, when your meal plan arrives, you’ll also get a grocery list with what you need to buy.

So breathe easy, and never forget that “thing” again!

We do count your calories.

We don’t want to be sticklers, but your calorie consumption is very important to your trainer. So instead of asking you to track your calories, we’ll track them for you. Just tell us what you’ve eaten, and we’ll do the rest.

You can also use the calorie goal set by your trainer to make smarter, healthier choices throughout the day.

Change it up a bit.

Maybe you don’t have the right ingredients at hand or you just don’t like the sound of what your trainer assigned you. With the new swap feature you can easily swap for something else.

Choose to swap from nearby restaurant menu items or your own created meals. Best of all, you can quickly swap with an alternative that’s within calorie range of your originally assigned meal.

Find the healthiest dining out options near you.

Instantly see the healthiest restaurant menu items nearby.

Enter any zip code and find the best dining out choices near you, using our exclusive database of 40,000 restaurants and 65,000 restaurant menu items from the most popular chains nationwide. You can also search by your favorite ingredients or cuisine types.

Get inspired by your workout plan.

Ever have one of those workouts where after you finish it, you feel like you can take on the world? Well, your trainer builds you a program to make every workout inspire you to keep going and push yourself forward.

Your FitOrbit trainer takes the time to find the right program for you, so you can skip the trial and error and get right into the fun part.

Build a history with your plan.

It’s fun to look back and see where you started, and how far you’ve come. We keep an archive of the conversations you’ve had with your trainer around your workouts, so you can easily see a history of your progress and everything you’ve learned.

One week at a time.

We’re all about planning ahead, so each week we send you your complete plan for the entire week.

It feels good to look so far into the future and see be able to know what’s coming your way!

We've gone mobile!

device screens
  • Your meal plan, with finger-swipe logging.
  • Your workout routine, with videos.
  • Message your trainer - as easy as texting.
  • See the healthiest dining out options near you.