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Debra Ross

People tell me I get more out them without being a taskmaster. They say they hear my voice when I’m not there. I’ve trained trainers, too!

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    I have been a Personal Trainer for 26 years. Over the course of the years I have worked with all kinds of people. I am not a drill sergeant or someone who screams at you as a form of motivation, but I have been told that I'm just as or even more effective as they are. My clients learn from me. They tell me that I make it less intimidating for them and more enjoyable. My clients even tell me that they hear me giving them instruction when I'm not there and this helps keep them on track. Bottom line is I care and I listen. When asked 1 thing that makes a good Trainer, what would it be? I always say listen because if you truly listen to a person they will tell you what they need. Finally, most women are busy as heck and can't find time for proper nutrition. So if that's the case with you I recommend taking a Whole Foods based Multi-Vitamin. The only one I recommend is Prograde Nutrition's VGF 25+ for Women. I am a Prograde Nutrition partner. Let me help you!
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    Senior Fitness

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  • Physical Therapy Aide
    AAAI/ISMA Primary Aerobics & Personal Fitness Trainer
    ISSA 5 Step Back Solution
    ISSA Specific Nutrition
    AMFPT Pilates
    AMFPT Personal Trainer
    YMCA Flexibility Trainer
    YMCA Personal Trainer
    Creator And Founder Of OxyFlex!

My Normal Gym Rate

  an hour
  • Personal Training x 1 hour
  • Workout plan (1 session)

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   a week
  • Personal Training x 7 days
  • Workout plan (weekly)
  • Meal plan (weekly)
  • Food and exercise journal
  • Unlimited email messaging
  • Motivation and guidance
  • Debra's roster is full.

My complete plan for you includes:

  • Your daily meal plan, hand-crafted to your taste
  • Personal workouts with easy "how to" videos
  • I am always here to motivate and hold you accountable
  • Simple tools to log and track your progress
  • the full ninety minute soccer game on Sunday.With the use of OxyFlex! this was possible.One weekend,I had a soccer game on Saturday,a triathlon on Sunday at 7am,and another soccer game later that afternoon.I completed all three doing well,and set a personal record in my triathlon.All in all,I feel OxyFlex! helped to improve my speed,flexibility,and endurance. (ECU student,soccer player,and triathlete)
  • In our season during the fall 2007 season,our soccer team used OxyFlex! during our workouts.Everyone,including me, was a little weary about it at first.I did NOT really think that breathing differently could help me in any way.However,I still participated and did everything that I was told to.After a couple of weeks,I could definately feel my body starting to change.I was also training for triathlons at the time,and was able to participate in both soccer and triathlons by utilizing OxyFlex! Once our season was underway,I could definately see our endurance improving.In several games we played much better than the other team late in the games.I have no doubt that this was because we were using OxyFlex! There were a couple games when we did not do our breathing exercises before the game and I believe it hurt us.As a team,I think it definately benefited us. Personally,it helped me drastically.I had no idea how I would be able to do a triathlon on Saturday then turn around and play nearly..
  • OxyFlex! has been able to combine the essentials of generating and sustaining energy. The oxy relates to the oxygen needed for energy formation and the flex helps to extend muscles to aquire maximum energy and perform better. For me, as an athlete, it has helped me not only get back in shape for the season, but has also helped me sustain and expend the energy needed to perform at the competitive level. Using OxyFlex! enhanced by deep breathing which in turn enhances the aerobic glycolysis of glucose to pyruvate. Without much ado,try OxyFlex! It will help. (ECU student and Soccer player)
  • to jog.I had done this before and managed to get just 1-2 blocks away before I was gasping for air.This time,I jogged the entire way home and barely felt winded.I couldn't believe it.The only thing I had been doing different was the OxyFlex! Thanks Debra."
  • a consistent exercise routine.However,as a human,I get "busy" and don't always exercise like I "should".I found that when I consistently did the OxyFlex! routine I felt great,my shoulder didn't sag,and I didn't have aches and pains in my back,legs,or hips.However,when I didn't exercise regularly the aches and pains came back and my shoulder began to sag.The moral of this story...when I took at least 15 minutes most days to do the basic routine I would maintain my fitness level,and if I added another 10-15 min.each workout my strength really improved and I felt fantastic! I want to share one more story in testimony for the power of the cardio fitness that OxyFlex! offers.Although I am a fitness trainer,endurance sports were never my strength (I am the sprinter type).After working with Debra and her OxyFlex! program for about four months I walked the 3/4 of a mile to my nine year old son's school to pick him up.I brought his scooter for him to ride home.It began to rain so I started...
  • This pain would intensify at times of stress(either physical or emotional)and subside to a dull ache,but it was always there.Within a month I could see that I was able to maintain my strength and had started to "straighten out".The pain in my back was gone most of the time and when it came back it wasn't as severe.I was convinced-OxyFlex! works! Then,about six weeks into the program I started having pains in my hips and lower back.Pains I hadn't experienced before so I was concerned about my new exercise regimen.Debra assured me it was all part of the process of straightening out the curvature in my spine.Deb explained that as my spine straightened,it pulled on my hips and the muscles surrounding them because they weren't used to being there.She was sure that once I had everything in its proper place and strengthened the muscles the pain would go away.That made sense,so I continued.Sure enough,it was not long before I was feeling better.As a personal trainer,I know the importance of...
  • "Debra introduced me to OxyFlex! about a year ago.As a personal trainer I have to admit I was skeptical that this program wouldd be able to deliver what Debra was saying,which was that it would improve my cardiovascular fitness(without running,biking,etc) as well as retain my muscular strength (without lifting weights).I have always had slight scoliosis(curvature of the spine) and Debra wanted to see if she could "straighten me out" with her exercise technique.She asked me to give up my existing exercise routine(primarily lifting weights)so that I could really see for myself how OxyFlex! works.Although reluctant,I did give up my weight lifting routine and I didn't have much of a cardio routine going at the time.My scoliosis was most noticeable in that my right shoulder drooped,or was obviously lower than my left shoulder.I could also feel it due to a constant pain in my middle/upper back between my shoulder blade and spine.
  • Don't let that stop you because they do disappear.My left leg had numbness due to the MS.We kept working with it and new nerve pathways began to form.I now have feeling in that leg.Debra has awareness for seeing that your body is properly aligned when performing the exercises.You're taught correctly from the start.Proper breathing gives you amazing benefits.As more oxygen gets in my body I'm healthier.I always have had an MS relapse in the spring and there has not been one this year! Yea! I think clearer and I feel energized.It's the best program you can do for yourself!!
  • "Twenty minutes.That's all it takes.Now I'm stronger,with better posture,balance and self confidence.I feel empowered.I have MS.MS came with a shadow called depression.Since I've been working with Debra and breathing properly depression has lost its grip on me.Debra is honest,gifted,direct and straightforward.She has a peaceful,beautiful spirit.Debra brings balance to my life.She shows concern about my whole person:nutritionally,spiritually,and the level of stress I'm under.Debra encourages me when I am ready to give up.She is very capable of working with MS-and other impairments.She's aware that I must not get hot when exercising.I'm encouraged to stay well hydrated.She was willing to start slowly with just the right amount of encouragement without pushing me.I had pains in my body come up that weren't there before,Debra said it was from old injuries and that this was a normal process of the realigning and healing that was taking place and that they would soon disappear.
  • 2.It only requires oneself.Unlike other exercises or PT which require a mat,special weights,equipment or a gym,I often do my initial breathing begining in the shower. 3.Though it is best to do a complete workout,if I can't seem to have at least 15 minutes of uninterupted time,I can do a partial workout,begin again at a later time with the relaxing focused breathing and continue to complete the workout when I do have time. 4.It easily and logically enhances other types of exercise.If you do want to workout at a gym or with equipment,it makes the transition easier.When your mind and muscles are relaxed and fully oxygenated,exercise has more benefit for one's mind and body. 5.As it becomes a personal breathing and activity style,other routine activities are done more easily and the day ends with a more relaxed mind and body leading into more restful sleep patterns. Hope this is helpful-I'm sold!! Best wishes as you seek to teach others your technique."
  • I have now added water exercises two mornings a week and find the breathing style has become my routine,increasing stamina,granting me additional strength during the workout and leaving me with energy to cary out a normal activity pattern for the remainder of those exercise days. What's great about OxyFlex! other than benefits I have just related?The reason I have continued with it-It FITS.If you think you don't have time to exercise on a daily basis-You breathe,don't you?Well,that's the begining.It starts with learning to breathe in the right way.Not long after I learned the basics from Debra,I attended a music workshop taught by Dr. Scott Martin,vocal coach to the stars.He was encouraging us all to breathe deeply,and I found myself just doing what Debra had taught me,it came so easily! In addition: 1.You can take it anywhere and do it any time,unlike so many other exercise routines or physical therapy exercises.
  • "Two years ago in March,I fell and as a result,I had a lateral tear in my right meniscus.Following surgery at Golden Ridge Orthopedic hospital,I received (the absolute minimum allowed by "managed care") physical therapy.Noticing the progress,the PT recommended continued therapy,suggesting I seek a trainer at the Y.She knew of the training required for such a position and also that supervised exercise would be of great benefit for me.You see,I also have MS,a condition in remission,but not one I wish to have flared,so I have always been active. By the grace of God,the trainer to whom I was "assigned" was Debra.She not only dirrected my physical therapy to new strengths,she introduced me to her concept of OxyFlex! Incorporating controlled breathing with the physical therapy exercise brought almost instant results,so of course I was encouraged to continue both the technique and the exercise. I have continued to follow the 15 minute daily routine,she taught me,several times a week.
  • "My name is Carrie Wilcox.I am a 36 year old woman who was diagnosed in early 2003 with Fibromyalgia.I have probably had it since age 11 after a bout with mononucleosis.However it came on strong after a complete hysterectomy in September 2002.Debbie had suggested the OxyFlex! shortly after my diagnosis.I began the routine and began to feel better quite soon.I have since moved to Oklahoma from Colorado.I do the breathing everyday.I am now able to run 1-2 miles 3-5 days a week weather permitting.I have added wall squats to my routine as well and I'm up to 2 1/2 to 4 1/2 minutes per squat..I live on a working horse ranch and work full time as well.When I was first diagnosed,I had difficulty most days just getting to the mailbox and I often took perscriptions for pain.Now I rarely take an asprin.On the tough days sometimes I would only do the breathing part of the OxyFlex!,but that is what got me through the pain that day.OxyFlex! has helped me in so many ways.Debbie is my angel!"
  • "Debra Ross noticed the unevenness of my upper body. I definately had more muscle on my right side than my left side. Because of this, Debra provided a workout routine to alleviate the problem. I really enjoy this plan for several reasons. First of all, my routine is very short, approximately 15 minutes. Second, there is no equipment to use. Third, the program gives me a cardio workout as well. This program also provides several benefits. I enjoy hearing from my husband and friends how much more muscular I have become. Also the breathing technique used has helped me with my asthma as well as in my sports. Lastly, my shoulder no longer hurts even after playing 5 hours of volleyball!"
  • "I had a very large tear in my rotator cuff from a fall two years ago.I was informed by the doctor and several other people who have had even smaller rotator cuff tears that I would be in a lot of pain and it would take at least 6 months to recover fully.I underwent surgery to repair the tear on October 25,2005. I started using OxyFlex! the day after surgery.I had only minor pain for 5-6 hours after the initial surgery anesthetic wore off.I started my physical therapy the day after surgery and I was using the OxyFlex! technique during the therapy sessions.I would have formal therapy sessions once per week and perform some therapy exercises at home or at work when I had the time.I returned to work 12 days after surgery and maintained my normal 10-12 hour days.Within 11 weeks from surgery, I had recovered 100% movement of my right shoulder.I met with the doctor on January 13,2006 and he was amazed at what I had accomplished in that time frame due to the large tear that had to be repaired
  • "I have been doing the OxyFlex! now for 2 months. I have enjoyed the process (which is amazing since I hate to exercise) and the results I am getting. I have dropped inches and my body fat is 19.8%. I have gotten stronger and more muscle tone. As a health provider I know the importance of exercise and everyone would benefit from the OxyFlex! program, better sleep, more energy, hold your chiropractic adjustments better, and look younger. Thanks Deb for this wonderful program."

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