Ben Maughan

Ben Maughan

From beginners to athletes, I believe in really intense personalization and a no-nonsense approach. No two bodies are exactly the same.

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  • About Me
    No two bodies are the same. Each one of us struggles with a different issue and those issues must be addressed individually. I strive to create individualized programs that are designed to specifically meet your needs and help you reach your goals. I was an overweight child and I know exactly what it takes to get to where you want to go. I work with beginners to athletes. Through knowledge, experience, and a no nonsense approach I will help you get in the best shape of your life. I love what I do and I enjoy helping people change their lives for the better. Let's get started on you transformation today! Please visit my You tube Channel for additional video's Also my facebook for daily fitness tips
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  • Specialties
    Endurance Training, Vegan, Bodybuilding, Sports Nutrition, Diet and Nutrition, Athletic Performance, Performance Nutrition, Core Training, Weight Training, Weight Management, Toning and General Fitness, Sports Conditioning, Cardio Workouts, Weight Loss, Strength Training, Injury Rehabilitation, Senior Fitness

My Certifications

  • Senior Fitness
    APEX Fitness
    Life Fitness
    Certified Lifeguard and Swim Instructor
    CPR/AED and Standard First Aid.
    Spin certified
    Yoga Certified

My Normal Gym Rate

  an hour
  • Personal Training x 1 hour
  • Workout plan (1 session)

My Exclusive FitOrbit Rate

   a week
  • Personal Training x 7 days
  • Workout plan (weekly)
  • Meal plan (weekly)
  • Food and exercise journal
  • Unlimited email messaging
  • Motivation and guidance
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My complete plan for you includes:

  • Your daily meal plan, hand-crafted to your taste
  • Personal workouts with easy "how to" videos
  • I am always here to motivate and hold you accountable
  • Simple tools to log and track your progress
  • I have never joined a gym or any Weight Watcher type program. Hate to diet to be honest. I have had 4 kids in 7 years, so my body was not a top priority. I don't tend to be someone who pampers herself. I get a haircut 2-3 times a year! But I have come to the realization that I can lose weight, get fit, and still not make my life be all about me. So, what has worked for me here at Skinnygirl are basically 3 things: 1) Bethenny is very inspirational for people like me who try to do too much and are stubborn about following through and finishing. ('I will do it, just watch me' is my motto) 2) Ben (personal trainer) has been so kind and responsive to even my most silliest comments. I really like that there is a REAL person behind the words. He really seems to care, and that is huge! 3) The recipes and exercises are perfectly catered to me and my abilities. I love to cook, and I also like that I can substitute when I need to.

Client Activity

  • Daniel S ate a Cheerios and Lowfat Milk (1% fat fortified with Vitamin A)