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FitOrbit clients love sharing their success stories with us, so we flew a few down to LA to meet them in person.

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Kristin, 35

Lost 87 lbs

Kristin's Story

I am now wearing jeans that I havent been able to get past my knees in over four years.

My experience has really turned my life back around to a more positive existence! It has been years since I can look myself in the mirror and truthfully say that I like who I am looking at.

I like what I am accomplishing, and I like that I believe that I am worth it! I am now wearing jeans that I havent been able to get past my knees in over four years, and I can no longer feel the blubber jiggle as I peddle my intervals on the bike.

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Angie, 39

lost 30 lbs

Angie's Story

Angie Finds A Lifelong Solution

FitOrbit gives me accountability. I know what it takes to lose weight and get fit, but often lack the motivation to get moving.

Logging my progress makes it that much harder to say “I’ll do it tomorrow.” I also like that I can workout at home, whenever my schedule allows, or whenever the mood strikes me. The dietary portion really helps me to eat on a regular basis, which is something I don’t do so well with on my own. It has also encouraged me to try some new foods. All in all, FitOrbit fits my life perfectly! I’ve lost 18 pounds so far and 7 inches from my waist and hips. I’ve been able to fit into clothes that I haven’t fit into for years, and more importantly I feel fantastic! I don’t have a specific number of pounds that I want to lose. I’ve previously lost a great deal of weight (70 pounds). Although I lost the weight, I didn’t change my mindset. I reached my “goal” and then quit. Eventually, much of that weight crept back on. Now, my long-term goal is to change my mindset, find a manageable routine that I can stick with for life, and learn to appreciate where I am now. Trying to lose weight or become more fit is difficult. It’s downright HARD work! But the results are worth the fight. Encouragement is so very important.

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Kelley lost 46lb!

Kelley's Story

I can get up every morning knowing I have a healthy day planned ahead. My mindset has totally shifted from it isn't possible to it is not only possible but I can do it!

FitOrbit is an easy plan to follow. Everything is laid out for me on a weekly basis from meals to workouts. The foods and workouts are tailored to my likes and abilities to make the lifestyle sustainable for me. The logging of meals and workouts keeps me accountable to myself and to my trainer.

In 22 weeks, I have lost 46 pounds and I have gained confidence in myself and in my physical capabilities. I can get up every morning knowing I have a healthy day planned ahead. My mindset has totally shifted from it isn't possible to it is not only possible but I can do it! I recently celebrated my 50th birthday and am amazed that I feel better than I have at any other time in my life! I love trying new recipes and challenging myself. Fitorbit has an extensive list of meals which makes it easier to discover new favorite foods. As my abilities have increased we have modified my workouts to keep the challenges coming. I look forward to receiving encouragement, feedback, and direction from my trainer through our email exchanges. I have a professional, knowledgable trainer and in the process of this journey have also gained a valuable friend!

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Gary G.

Gary lost 47 pounds!

Gary's Success Story

I now go to the gym on a regular basis and find that I have more energy which has enabled me to enjoy my retirement

FitOrbit has changed my life in several ways. In the past year, I have lost 47 lbs. and have dropped over three clothing sizes. FitOrbit is a very user friendly program that will bring you immediate results.

I look forward to my daily emails and meal choices that are very helpful when ever I eat at home or on the road. The personal trainer interaction and staff at FitOrbit are top notch. I now go to the gym on a regular basis and find that I have more energy which has enabled me to enjoy my retirement.

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Heidi lost 29lb!

Heidi's Story

FitOrbit made it so easy for me to reach my weight loss goals. I didn't have to worry about what was for dinner or what workouts I should do because Whitney did all the thinking for me!

After having 2 children and not being able to get the baby weight off, I knew I needed help. I started my program with Whitney weighing 160 lbs. I now weigh 129 lbs with a goal of 125lbs. I can hardly believe I'm only 4 pounds away! I haven't looked and felt this great since high school! I have gone from a size 12 to a size 4--in some designers I even wear a size 2!

FitOrbit made it so easy for me to reach my weight loss goals. I didn't have to worry about what was for dinner or what workouts I should do because Whitney did all the thinking for me with both of those things. It couldn't have been easier! My meals and workouts were always at my fingertips whether I was on a computer, cell phone, iPad, and on vacation. As long as you follow your FitOrbit recipe for success you will succeed! FitOrbit took the guessing out of weight loss for me. Whitney sent me a plan every week, I followed it, I lost weight. It really was that simple. It was so great to be able to email Whitney with any questions or concerns about my plan and have her get back to me quite quickly. She was able to help me get through several vacations without blowing my diet or exercise plan and was always giving me extra credit things to do to challenge my body. I have learned so much during this process! The meals and recipes that she planned for me were great as well. My whole family is enjoying lots of new delicious recipes now.

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Yvonne L

Lost 50 lbs with FitOrbit

Yvonne's Story

My weight loss has changed my life.

I signed up with FitOrbit after failing time and time again with weight loss. I was overworked, stressed out and in full on mommy mode. I was worried about my health. I was at a crossroads. I was scared.

If I didn’t do it now, the quality of my life would continue to go down hill, the aches and pains would get worse. So I took a chance and signed up because I wanted someone to pay attention, to keep me on track and mostly to motivate me not to give up. I am a bit of a slave to the scale and when the numbers don’t move fast enough I give up. That has been my endless pattern.I chose Daniel, because I love the way he looks and I loved his approach of using your mind and projecting positive thoughts as a way to keep yourself motivated through the difficult journey of weight loss. The exercises he gave me literally rebuilt my body. The diet he gave me did not even feel like a diet. He introduced me to foods that I fell in love with. I lost 50 pounds and dropped four clothes sizes in ten months. My weight loss has changed my life. I ran the Spartan Race recently. I do Crossfit. I cycle. I run. I can do anything I want. I feel strong. Thank you FitOrbit for changing my life.

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Lindsey lost 35+lb!

Lindsey's Story

I feel stronger and find my self confidence is overflowing. I am more healthy than I have been in over 10 years.

When people ask what I'm doing, I tell them "I'm eating! I'm eating good food. Eating foods in their whole form makes my body feel good." Changing the way I eat has not only affected my weight loss, but improved my overall health and wellness. It's also had a huge impact on the way my family eats and has helped create healthy habits that will carry on throughout time.

What I like about FitOrbit is the guidance of the meal planning, the grocery list, and the personal touch of the trainer. When I started it was so easy to check my meals and workouts off the list. I thought "Yes! I can do this, I can follow directions". I like not having to come up with ideas that may or may not produce results. My trainer is responsive to my questions, encourages me to take it up a notch, and checks in with me on my progress. Since joining, I've lost 35+ lb and am in my goal size, I have gone from a size 14-16 to a size 10. I feel stronger and find my self confidence is overflowing. I am more healthy than I have been in over 10 years.

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Errin, 37

lost 51 lbs

Errin's Story

Errin Surprises Himself, and His Wife

I lost 50 lbs in about 7 months – way ahead of my goal. Even better, I feel and look younger. I had someone tell me that I look like I took 10 years off my age.

Some people don’t even recognize me. My wife looks at me differently, too. I lost 50 lbs in about 7 months – way ahead of my goal. Even better, I feel and look younger. I had someone tell me that I look like I took 10 years off my age. Some people don’t even recognize me. My knee is almost entirely pain free, and instead of being too tired to keep up with my son, I can keep up with him all day long. My wife looks at me differently, too. I started out wearing size 40 pants, and now I wear a size 34. I haven’t looked like this in almost 20 years. My plan is to be a permanent member of FitOrbit. It is so inexpensive that there is no reason for me to quit. I am still going to lose a few more pounds, but I plan to continue to use FitOrbit to reach other fitness goals. You wouldn’t need to be a member forever – I started seeing results immediately. I recommend FitOrbit and my trainer to anyone.

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Sandra lost 13 lb and toned her body!

Sandra's Story

For the first time since I had my daughter I have abs and a flat stomach!! I couldn’t be happier.

FitOrbit worked for me mostly because of the convenience. To have meals and workouts literally in my hand at any moment, with a week to prepare meals for myself makes it all so easy! The meals and snacks were all so delicious and interesting, too. I broadened my horizons and experimented with foods I had never tried, and totally fell in love with some of them!

I learned to be self-disciplined, while always having my trainer available to chat with about how I felt, what I was going through, and how much I was or wasn’t progressing. It was fun. I tried new exercises and pushed myself in ways that I thought I physically needed someone else to do for me. I’ve learned so much as far as exercise and diet go, that I am confident enough to maintain my results and lifestyle on my own. I have lost the last stubborn 13 lb that I couldn’t get rid of, and I’ve gained muscle in my lower extremities (just like I asked for help with), plus I’ve built definition all over my body. For the first time since I had my daughter (via cesarean) I have abs and a flat stomach!! I couldn’t be happier. Jacqueline is truly the absolute best! I would say what I enjoyed the most about FitOrbit is split between two things: trying new things, and chatting with my trainer. Trying new exercises was so fun and so was trying new foods. Each week I looked forward to what new things I would experience. Chatting with my trainer was so awesome because not only were we compatible on a trainer-client basis, but on a personality basis, too. She understood my thought process and respected all my goals. I felt more like I made a friend, rather than having a trainer.

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April Lost 20lb!

April's Story

Now, 6 months after I began, I have lost 20 pounds, and I've gone from a size 10/12 to a size 4/6. Last week I fit into a size 2 dress!

I was 31 years old, and at 145 pounds I was the heaviest I had ever been. The weight had been creeping up slowly for the past few years after a full hysterectomy at age 28, and a thyroid disease diagnosis. The last year things had really gotten out of control, and my weight, and clothing size, was quickly going up. My knees hurt, I was tired and sluggish, and because I had opted out of hormone replacement after my hysterectomy my risk of developing osteoporosis was sky high, and worsened by the fact of my sedentary lifestyle. I had missed the family backpacking trip the previous June because I just couldn't keep up. I was out of shape and out of sorts, but I lacked the knowledge to make any real or lasting change.

I knew I had to do something, but as a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom of two kids, I didn't know how to fit exercise into my daily routine, and I had no idea how to effectively workout. We had also just moved to care for my parents' house and property while they pursued a three year job opportunity. I definitely didn't see how I could fit anything else into my life. Now comes the game changer. I was doing internet searches for workout routines, and FitOrbit came up in the results. I will always be thankful for that day! I found an online coupon, and for a little over $1.00 a day I was able to begin my journey to becoming a better steward of me. I dropped weight quickly at first, and religiously logged every meal and exercise. By my 32nd birthday in late April, 11 weeks after starting my program, I had lost 11 pounds! Shortly after my birthday I got very sick. I put my plan on hold, and then completely fell off the wagon. If I hadn't had the accountability of my trainer, my journey would have ended there. Thank God for Ashley and Elizabeth! Now, 6 months after I began, I have lost 20 pounds, and I've gone from a size 10/12 to a size 4/6. Last week I fit into a size 2 dress! My eating habits have changed for the better, and I've finally quit my sugar habit. Best of all, I'm finally taking care of the most amazing gift God has given me- my body. I never could have accomplished these things without, first, Ashley's help as she cheered me on and helped me take my first baby steps. Now, with the help of Elizabeth, I'm learning to tone and shape my body in ways I didn't know I could! I love FitOrbit! I can't wait for this years backpacking trip, and I can't wait to see what Elizabeth and I can accomplish in the next 6 months!

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Jessica Lost 35.5lbs!

Jessica's Story

I have been able to make changes in my diet and make better choices because the FitOrbit menu is so easy to follow.

FitOrbit has worked for me like nothing else ever has. It has been a structured program that has allowed me to stay on track to meet my goals. I love that every morning I have an e-mail waiting for me that lays out the day's workout and menu for me.

There is no stress and it is so easy to follow and do in my own home. I decided to join FitOrbit because I had reached the point where I knew I needed to make a change to get healthy. I had watched my mother battle cancer 4 times and had listened to all her doctors talk about the importance of diet and exercise. My weight had slowly been creeping up on me for a while, but when I topped out at over 200 pounds, I had enough. I was unhealthy, unhappy, felt unattractive, and felt a lot older than my age. I have been able to make changes in my diet and make better choices because the FitOrbit menu is so easy to follow. Not to mention, the food is easy to prepare and really tastes great. I started working out 6 days a week and I even started running! When I first started I was walking more than running and was pumped to finish a mile in 13 minutes. Now I can run a mile straight through and do it in 10 minutes. People ask me all the time what I am doing to lose the weight. It is awesome to tell them that I am working my tail off! It's not some fad diet or quick fix. I get to take ALL the credit because I have done the work. My trainer, Eva, is the bomb! She has given me great advice and support. She adjusts and tailors this program to meet my needs and expectations. Eva has been a great help and asset to me on this journey. I couldn't have kept going without her.

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Monica L

Monica lost 20 Lb. and lowered her blood pressure!

Monica L.'s Story

My BP is lower and my BMI went from obese to normal. My pant size dropped 3 sizes.

Since the first of the year, I had been trying to exercise and eat right but had not made any progress. Then I decided that I couldn't do it on my own and was looking at options when I heard about FitOrbit at work.

I liked that I did not have to join a gym, could exercise on my own time, and eat meals that I could fix from fresh ingredients. The program is personalized to me: from my exercises to my food plan. It has been a rewarding experience! When I started in March it was a struggle to walk for 30 minutes. Today I walk 25+ miles per week and have lost 20 Lb. in 27 weeks. My BP is lower and my BMI went from obese to normal. I dropped 3 pant-sizes, too. It amazes me how quickly the weight dropped and my energy level increased. I feel like I made small life changes but have reaped great rewards. I have an exercise plan that is tailored to my abilities and needs. The meal plans are easy to follow and the recipes are simple to fix. I have tried new foods knowing if I don't like them I don't HAVE to eat them because this truly is "My Plan".

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Melinda, 24

dropped 3 dress sizes

Melinda's Story

Melinda Lost Three Dress Sizes in Five Weeks

When I first started FitOrbit, I was a size ten. I'm currently a size four and I've only been on FitOrbit for five weeks!

Ever since I was younger, I was always a little bit chubbier. I was a competitive cheerleader for a long time, and I was always the bigger girl on the squad, which obviously caused a lot of anxiety and insecurity. With FitOrbit, I don't have to plan out my meals, and I know exactly how long my workout is supposed to be so I can fit that into my day. When I look in the mirror, I don't even feel like it is me at all. I am still in complete shock with what is going on! My stomach is flatter and I can tell that I am getting some abs, which is something I've never had in my entire life. One of my friends back home told me that I have more confidence now, which is something I don't feel like I've ever really had. People say I look amazing, which is good too! I never, ever want to leave FitOrbit. I literally do not know what my life would be without it!

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Lost 17.5lb in just 6 weeks!

Jeffrey's Success Story

FitOrbit has worked for me in a way no other program has.

FitOrbit has worked for me in a way no other program has. Everyday I receive my meal plan and a workout routine that have been made specifically for me.

So far I have accomplished a weight loss of 17 lb, in just a month and a half. My weight loss keeps me motivated to go harder with the diet and workouts. What I have really enjoyed most about this program is the fact that the meal and workout routines are specifically for me. And the best part is that it works!!! My trainer Whitney is great too!

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Susan lost 12 lbs and toned her body!

Susan's Story

I couldn’t be more happy with my new toned figure and how good I feel inside and out. Sometimes you just need something different for your body and someone to help you.

FitOrbit was really life changing for me! I thought I was doing everything right with healthy eating and working out, but my body hit a plateau that I could not break. I tried everything and the scale would not move. It was really frustrating to not see any change in my body for over a year. I decided to try FitOrbit, and just committing to 10 weeks of it led me to a 12 lb weight loss! I couldn’t be more happy with my new toned figure and how good I feel inside and out. Sometimes you just need something different for your body and someone to help you. Getting a personal trainer with FitOrbit really helped me.

I enjoyed checking in with my trainer each week. It was so nice to have that person you could reach out to anytime of the day or week and get encouragement, ask questions, or just get confirmation! With FitOrbit, I was able to accomplish breaking my plateau. I learned some new eating tips and tricks and really was able to push myself with working out. Sometimes, you think you can’t do something but I had Whitney, my trainer, telling me that I can- and I really could!

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lost 20.5 lbs

Monica's Story

Monica's Motivation Soars as the Pounds Come Off

Before I started FitOrbit, I did not have an exercise plan. I wasn't doing anything to help me lose weight because I didn't know what to do. Being on the FitOrbit program has helped me learn how to exercise, and the results are amazing.

I weighed 155 lbs, and now I weigh 135 lbs. I've lost 20 lbs! You have a personal online trainer who is there for you 100%, 24/7! My trainer, Terri, motivates me, encourages me, tells me not to give up, and motivates me to keep going. I don't have to guess what I should eat. I don't have to count the calories, I don't have to count the points. It is there, in black and white: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks. That's it! I was having a bad day, and I had a piece of cake. I jotted it down, and Terri said, "You know what? We'll count that as your cheat day. Keep going." What keeps me motivated is I am 20 lbs lighter than I used to be! I have been getting compliments left and right. I am just so amazed at the outcome of what FitOrbit has done for me. My husband just told me that I look beautiful. It is so nice to hear when I have worked so hard on myself, and I wanted to change so much. To hear him say that is just the icing on the cake.

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Lost 21lbs and ran her first 5K!

Allison's Story

Living this healthier lifestyle has become second nature to me and I absolutely love it.

FitOrbit has helped me change my lifestyle. I grew up in a home where a healthy lifestyle was talked about but rarely put in to action, and when it was, there was little follow through. It has taught me that a missed day of working out isn't going to ruin what I've accomplished. It's helped me realize that the little steps are what really matter in the long run. My mantra through this process has been slow and steady wins the race.

Since joining the program, I've lost 21lbs. I ran my first 5k and it took 45 minutes, which was a huge accomplishment for me because I've never been a runner. Prior to joining the program, I would run for about 30 seconds and walk 5 minutes. Living this healthier lifestyle has become second nature to me and I absolutely love it. The thing I enjoy most about FitOrbit is my trainer. She is a wonderful, encouraging, supportive woman. I have gone through bad weeks where I didn't workout as I should have, and me, being a perfectionist, was already beating myself up about it but Eva always just wanted to make sure I okay, I was sick or injured and she just encouraged me to get back at it. It has really helped being accountable in that area. I had tried to lose weight on my own and it wasn't happening. Having her as a trainer made it happen. The second thing I really enjoy is the meal planning. It is so hard to come up with healthy recipes. But the meal plans take the guess work out and there are such a variety of meals that I would have never thought of. It has definitely helped keep things interesting.

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down 4 pant sizes

Ray's Story

Ray Sets a Healthy Example for His Family

I joined the FitOrbit program and chose to focus on my health to set a good example for my children. My father had always set a good example for me growing up. As a young boy I watched him exercise and eat right, and I wanted to do the same for my children.

When I started the program I was wearing a size 36 pant. I'm now buying a size 32, but they're actually a little bit big. FitOrbit trainers are different because they actually listen to you, as opposed to those guys in the gym who are just trying to sell you more personal training services. The challenge with my weight has been the yo-yo problem. You go up, you go down. My trainer, Eva, built a program that was exactly what I asked for. She was always there to help me reach my goal and hold me accountable. People who haven't seen me for 20 years have said "You're going backwards in age! You look better now than you looked 20 years ago." I feel like I'm in great shape for someone my age. I feel best when we're out on the boat with the kids because I'm not that "fat" dad. I can wear board shorts and no shirt, and I don't feel self-conscious about it at all. I think it is a worthy thing for a dad to do, to set that example in showing your kids that being healthy is attainable.

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Went from a size 10 to a size 4!

Juliana's Story

The last time I was this size I was in High School!

I started my fit journey in January. I was not happy with how I looked and felt tired all the time so I decided to stop making excuses for myself and do something about it. I came across FitOrbit late March. I had joined a gym and was looking for personal training options. I had the motivation but I needed some guidance as to what exercises I should do in order to get the results I wanted. I went on the FitOrbit website to learn more about it and for me, it was a no brainer.

My life is crazy. I am a full-time working mom of 3 boys under 5 years old. I don't get a chance to workout until late at night. I loved that FitOrbit provided me a chance to have my workout and meal plans and trainer work for me whenever I had the chance to get to the gym (which is usually not until 8:30 - 10:30 PM). I love having photos and videos of exercises that I was not familiar with before so I can execute those on my own. I love having access to my trainer at all times. The "love your trainer" guarantee was the icing on the cake. I was confident that if I did not initially like my trainer, I could go through FitOrbit and get a new one. I think I got lucky because I got a great trainer from the beginning. All in all, the ease of use, personalization and great customer service is why I chose FitOrbit and why I recommend it to anyone that asks me what I have been doing. Through my fitness journey I have accomplished more than I could have imagined. As part of the weight loss, I have gone from a size 10 to a size 4. The last time I was this size I was in High School and that was a long time ago :) I have a lot more energy than before. My goal now is to get toned and strong. I am still far from where I want to be but due to the changes I have seen in my body I get more excited and motivated for what I will be able to accomplish in the future. I have a better outlook on life. I am more determined and assertive. Seeing what I have been able to accomplish on myself through hard work and dedication is very empowering and that bleeds through every aspect of my life. What I enjoy most about the program is having a trainer that truly cares. Being accountable to someone other than yourself gives you an extra ounce of motivation because you don't want to let the other person down. I enjoy the fact that it works. I have tried many different things to lose the weight before and nothing really stuck with me. It is true when people say that it is a life change. I have changed my eating and exercising habits and I love it. I just wish I would have done it sooner.

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Debbie, 54

lost 18 lbs

Debbie's Story

Debbie Proves that Age is Just a Number

FitOrbit has become a part of my everyday life. I am living proof that, at 54 years old, you can follow the program and lose weight!

I don't have to think about how my day is going to go, like when am I going to exercise or what am I going to eat today? I actually have someone that I can email and say "Hey, that was too hard, what can I try instead?" or "This food isn't going to work for me, what can I eat instead?" I chose Terri because she was going to be a tough, advanced trainer. It was great to have someone acknowledge the achievements I made. I have people walk up to me and tell me "My gosh, you keep losing more and more weight!" My stomach has shrunk tremendously. It is the body change that people are noticing. I have gotten, from my trainer, a program that works for a 54 year old person. I have been on the program for 24 weeks and I feel fantastic. This little journey that I thought was a quick fix journey, is actually now a lifetime change.

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Andrew, 35

Lost 41 lbs

Andrew's Story

Andrew now Embraces a Healthy and Active Lifestyle.

Fitorbit has helped me with reaching my goal of losing weight and embracing an active and healthy lifestyle. I was 230+lbs when I signed up and was able to get down to 190lbs in only a few months with the help of my trainer.

I really enjoy having access to my trainer on a daily basis. Johnny took into account the equipment I have at home and I was able to use everything I had and not get bored with the routines. The website and our dashboard are key components as well. You get to see your progress and goals.

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Rina L

Lost 27 Pounds!

Rina's Story

I never expected that I would be the best version of myself after having two children at age 40!

Like many Moms, I had gained too much weight from having two babies and felt frustrated that I was not able to successfully take it off on my own. Not only did I feel defeated in my weight loss efforts but I felt overworked, overwhelmed, and tired all the time, which led me to overeat and gain even more weight.

I joined FitOrbit because my doctor told me that at the rate I was going my weight gain would affect my health. I wanted to be healthy; so that I could live a long life for my children. The FitOrbit program is user-friendly for busy people like me. Unlike other programs, FitOrbit includes custom meal plans and specific exercises developed by a highly-qualified and experienced certified Personnel Trainer. I just checked boxes after I ate a meal/snack or completed exercises. The very best part of the program is the trainers. I chose Daniel as my trainer and he designed this amazing plan that worked really well! While on his plan, I was never hungry and had so much more energy. Within five months, I achieved my goal weight of 105, which was my high school weight. Daniel also developed a progressive exercise plan where I had become stronger than I had ever been. Today, I not only do chin-ups but I also do my squats, lunges, and dead-lifts with a barbell weighing 105 pounds, which is my body weight. I never expected that I would be the best version of myself after having two children at age 40! Daniel’s encouragement, enthusiasm, and support helped me reach my goals and even carried me through tough times. There had been countless times where he believed in me and even pushed me to aim higher when I doubted myself. This propelled me to accomplish things far beyond my expectations, in all aspects of my life. I would definitely say that Daniel changed my life in a profound way.

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Luise Lost 10lb and Learned Portion Control

Luise's Story

My trainer is excellent and has been of tremendous help and support...and I have the feeling that she really cares about my progress.

When I began FitOrbit, I had three goals: to get a handle on my undisciplined eating habits after 9pm, to get a handle on my eating habits during the day, and to lose some weight around my mid section.

I am happy to say I achieved all 3 goals: I do not eat anything after 9 pm anymore and am still able to go to sleep. Yeah! No more eating without paying attention to how much I am eating! I have learned reasonable portion sizes and prepare my plates accordingly and do not go back for seconds. I am looking and feeling good! I can now wear jeans and a t-shirt without being embarrassed about my love handles sticking out on each side. My favorite part of the program was the flexibility and how easy it is to use. Since I had always been health conscious, I used my own recipes and entered them into the FitOrbit system. I also added new foods, which were healthy and low calorie. At first, entering the nutritional value of new foods and meals is time consuming but the system is very easy to use. Once entered, I added the meals to my daily plan and tracked the resulting calorie count. FitOrbit is an excellent teaching tool. By adding my own meals to the daily plan I learned over a period of time what I could eat and the appropriate portion size to stay within the daily calorie count. FitOrbit also allows me to use the program the way I want to use it! Which for me means I don’t use every part of the program, but what I do watch very closely are my changes in weight. My weight keeps me honest. At this point my goal is to maintain my weight or possibly lose very slowly. And that is exactly what I am doing, and I know I am still true to the FitOrbit principles. So why am I still on the FitOrbit plan? Because being on the plan and checking in with my trainer gives me the strength and will power to stick with the program. My trainer is excellent and has been of tremendous help and support. The fact that she has given me her OK when I started using the formal program less has kept me on FitOrbit. Had she suggested that I should follow the program exactly, I most likely would have quit. But she has been supportive and encouraging all along and very positive. She only asked that I would stay in touch with her and report my weight changes. She was always aware of how I was doing. She would answer my messages promptly and encouragingly and I have the feeling that she really cares about my progress.

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Chrissy, 42

lost 54 lbs

Chrissy's Story

Chrissy's husband is showing her off again

I started at 179 pounds and now I'm at 125 and feel fantastic! Having a lot if fun with it. I haven't weighed that since my early 20's.

I get compliments all the time and asked about the program constantly. It takes some dedication, but my trainer has kept me motivated to keep going!

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Casey G

Lost 42 lbs

Casey's Story

Several 5ks, 10ks and two half marathons later, I still get emotional as I cross that finish line.

Everyone always asks me how I lost the weight. When I tell them it was hard work, diet and exercise they always look disappointed as if they were hoping I’d tell them about a new fad diet to shed pounds in days.

I don’t think a quick fix exists; I didn’t go to bed one night weighing 140lbs and wake up weighing 182, so I can’t expect the reverse to happen. I thought I lived a pretty healthy lifestyle, I cooked at home 4 nights out of the week and I didn’t go crazy at restaurants. I went to yoga and bootcamp workouts a few times a week. The pounds kept creeping on and I was getting more and more uncomfortable in my skin. I knew I had to change something; the problem was I didn’t know what to do. I told my husband a month before my 31st birthday that I was going to lose 20lbs. “For real this time” I told him. I wasn’t going to try to do it on my own. I needed guidance and support and that’s exactly what FitOrbit and Misty provided for me. Misty taught me how to change my lifestyle. I won’t sugar coat it, it isn’t an easy breezy quick fix. It is hard work. But don’t give up, the first three weeks of adjusting to a new routine will be hard but you will settle into it and your body responds by shedding pounds. Misty laid out my meal plans with food I could cook and both my husband and I liked. I never felt like I was denying myself something or sacrificing. This was something I could do every day. She laid out exercises for me with enough variations to keep me from falling into a rut or getting frustrated.It all started with “Run/Walk for 20 minutes”. Pretty soon I was running more than I was walking and next thing I knew, I had run for the whole 20 minutes. It’s these little wins you need to celebrate. When I ran through the door and announced to my husband that I had run for 20 minutes without stopping he encouraged me to sign up for my first 5k. When I crossed that finish line I was bursting with pride and couldn't wait to tell Misty all about it. She celebrated my successes with me and pushed me when I needed it. Several 5ks, 10ks and two half marathons later, I still get emotional as I cross that finish line. I lost 42 pounds and gained confidence. I’ve gone from a size 12 to a size 4 and I’ve never looked back. I’ve maintained my weight for over a year now because Misty and FitOrbit gave me the tools I needed to change mylifestyle.

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Kerri, 44

lost 25 lbs

Kerri's Story

Kerri Found a Trainer Who Listened and Communicated With Her Daily

I was able to find a trainer who had a lot of experience with coaching and understood what someone in my position was going through, being a wife, employee with high stress job, mother, etc.

The most helpful thing about FitOrbit was that my trainer emailed me EVERY DAY. I was so desperate to get back to my old self that I needed constant coaching, feedback and encouragement. I can't even describe what an emotional low state I was in when I joined. Seeing even the slightest bit of progress helped encourage me.

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Katelyn K.

Lost 20 lbs

Katelyn's Story

I was unable to receive my commission because I was now overweight and not within the standards.

Before I joined FitOrbit, I was a Cadet with the Army ROTC at my college and in January was set back medically. I was unable to work out, could do limited training and ultimately ended up getting into a funk and depression. I began eating my feelings, so by the time I was medically cleared, I weighed 191 pounds

and felt slow and awful. I ended up graduating in May but was unable to receive my commission because I was now overweight and not within the standards. Our ROTC professor noticed I had changed and sat me down, giving me an ultimatum. I had until the end of that fiscal year to pick myself back up and lose the weight. I basically hit the restart button and reached out to FitOrbit per my family’s suggestion. That day, we emptied out the kitchen and started from scratch. After the first two weeks I had lost six pounds, was almost back to my old strength and agility and was beginning to feel more confident. My trainer Cortney was always quick to answer my questions, adjust my plans if I was traveling, and was always eager to challenge me more when I asked. She kept me on top of my workouts, my plan, and kept me motivated throughout the summer. By September 25, I had lost twenty pounds and was able to commission on the 27th of September. I owe Cortney my new found happiness and confidence and I feel like I can tackle any challenge that I meet. I have twenty-one more pounds to my ultimate goal, which I hope to reach by Christmas! Thank you Cortney!

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Lost 26 lbs.


There are so many things I love about FitOrbit. First off, I absolutely LOVE my trainer Cortney.

She is amazing and has helped me through challenges both in my workouts and in my life. She always has encouraging words that motivate me to keep going.

Another aspect of FitOrbit I enjoy is that it's made for real life change, not just dieting. The meal plans have taught me about appropriate meal size without having to give up foods that I love. The workouts push me, but are still doable without having to spend a ton of money on equipment or a special gym. Lastly, I love that I can change things on my plan. If I'm too busy one day and can't get in a workout, I can move it to a different day or if I eat something off my meal plan, I can just change the food for that meal. That allows me to incorporate it into my real life instead of feeling like I'm failing because I didn't do exactly what I was supposed to.

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Wendy K

Wendy's Story

I have gained confidence and stamina.

My journey with FitOrbit has not been about weight loss but about gaining strength and confidence in myself. I have never seen myself as an athlete but FitOrbit has changed that.

My trainer has helped me to commit to exercising and worked with me as I rehabbed from a major injury. She helped me train for several 5k's through the summer. I even completed my first warrior dash. What I loved most about having a FitOrbit trainer was how she checked in with me and made sure things were going well. She also changed things up so that I did not get bored. What have I gained? I have gained confidence and stamina. I am a full inch and half taller because of my increased core and back strength. I am firm and lean. I have maintained my weight while dealing with hypothyroid issues. My goal with Fitorbit was not to lose weight but to tone and tighten what I have. I believe it has been a complete success.

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Stephanie, 28

lost 26 lbs

Stephanie's Story

Stephanie's favorite part about FitOrbit is her trainer. He answers questions, provides real life tips, and makes on the spot changes when she needs them.

I used to come home from a long day at work and deliberate with my husband over the dinner plan. Now, we shop off the provided weekly grocery list and just pull up the daily summary to know what to cook.

I don’t have to think about it and the meals are a cinch to prepare and delicious. We actually make a healthy dinner at home instead of eating out!

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Irina, 38

Lost 30 lbs

Irina's Story

Irina Finished 3 Marathons and Her First Olympic Triathlon this Year, is Currently Training for Her First Ironman!

Thanks to FitOrbit I found a coach to whom I could relate and who I trusted to understand my long term fitness goals and busy lifestyle.

Dave created a very easy to follow meal plan featuring foods that I was already used to eating, as well as a balanced running and strength training program that kept me away from injuries. Fitness has become a lifestyle, not only a hobby.

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Tammy, 49

lost 27 lbs

Tammy's Story

Tammy Celebrates her 50th in her College Body

I was 6 months away from my 49th birthday. I was very frustrated with the fact that it was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain an acceptable weight and continue my wacky eating habits. I was white knuckled trying not to eat, scarfing processed foods, had no energy and was pretty much exhausted. I like to communicate via the internet and I thought “why not?”.

I reviewed the trainers and I watched the video of the marvelous Terri West. I knew she was the trainer for me and she would kick my butt. I set (what I realize now) was a modest weight loss goal of 13 pounds. My true yearning was for muscle tone, fat loss, and ditching my oldest friend, the muffin top. Through Terri’s encouragement, I realized that I was making lifestyle changes and not participating in a temporary fix to lose weight. She presented an individualized plan each day that was tailored to my lifestyle. She saw me through all my metabolic changes and explained what was physically happening through each stage. Her responses were prompt and on the mark for me. Three months after my lifestyle change, I had lost 17 pounds and was at my college weight. I emailed Terri and said “Let’s keep going. Take me to my 50th birthday in the best shape of my life”. Nine months after starting the program, I am now 27 pounds from my original weight and have lost 10-13% body fat. I feel like I’ve let go of the emotional baggage and removed a 20+ pound coat. I will never make fun of online dating again because I found my wonderful trainer online. The FitOrbit online program is right for me. It fits into my hectic schedule and helps me maintain my privacy. I’m not a “group weigh in” kind of gal. When it comes to some areas of my life, I keep to myself (although I am very social). I like being able to consult with Terri and ask questions without fear of judgment or reproach. I can do things on my own time table and my life coach is available at all times through my Blackberry. I’m able to connect with my body during my workouts, focus on the routine and not be distracted during my fitness time. Because of my career, I dine out a lot. I can type in my zip code and find restaurant substitute meal in seconds. I am reading labels and finally broke up with my sugar addiction. Logging my meals and corresponding with Terri provides an accountability and a sounding board that has helped me tremendously. I’m looking forward to working with Terri in the future additional muscle mass. It’s how I will celebrate my 50th birthday.

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Lost 8 Pounds, gained muscle definition and dropped a few inches!

Lori's Story

My clothes got bigger, and I started to see definition in my body. What I really love about my trainer (Elizabeth) is that she helped me with obstacles that I have struggled with.

FitOrbit has given me the accountability that I needed to lose almost 8 lbs, lose inches, and gain muscle. I have never had muscle definition until now, and I'm in my 30's. I have developed healthy eating habits and an exercise regimen to not only lose weight and inches but to improve my overall health for a lifetime.

My trainer has been the most important part of this program. She did not focus on the number on the scale, like I have been on my own. Instead, she helped me focus on eating well and exercising, promising that I would notice in other ways. She was right. My clothes got bigger, and I started to see definition in my body. What I really love about my trainer (Elizabeth) is that she helped me with obstacles that I have struggled with. One of my problems is binge eating to deal with stress. She gave me alternatives to try to keep me from eating. When I had the winter blues and did not want to exercise or eat right, she told me to go get on the elliptical right then! And she was right....exercise improved my mood. When I had an injury from exercising, she illustrated the right way to do it and provided tips and alternative exercises to allow my knees to heal. She takes a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle, and I love that.

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Lost 33lbs.


I've only been doing FitOrbit for 4 months and I've 
lost 33 pounds putting me at 142 (Size 4)!

After I got married 5 years ago, I slowly put on about 5 pounds a year.

Once the scale hit a whopping 175 (Size 12), I knew I needed an overhaul to 
reach my goal of 140. I've only been doing FitOrbit for 4 months and I've 
lost 33 pounds putting me at 142 (Size 4)! That is a 11 pounds less than I 
weighed on my wedding day!

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Lost 47.5 lbs!

Caroline's Story

Caroline finds motivation knowing there is a REAL person behind the words.

My trainer really seems to care, and that is huge! Plus, the recipes and exercises are perfectly catered to me and my abilities.

My goal is size 6 but I am not stopping there if my body keeps getting stronger. I am aiming for strength not skinny!

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Sherri, 39

lost 29 lbs

Sherri's Story

Sherri Uncovers the Busy Mom’s Key to Weight Loss

I don't have time to plan meals and workouts as a busy working mother. FitOrbit is Weight Loss 101 for busy people. It simplifies my life!

My original goal was to lose weight, gain strength and build core strength. I have lost 29 pounds so far on FitOrbit. I hope to continue losing, and with Ashley's help, I'm sure I will get there in no time!

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Buffy, 38

Lost 25 lbs

Buffy's Story

Buffy Reached Her Goal Weight and Experienced a Major Change in Her Overall Health

FitOrbit has changed my life in a way I never expected and is such a great tool for anyone. I am so glad I chose to try FitOrbit.

I highly recommend FitOrbit for anyone struggling with weight loss and especially anyone with a busy schedule!

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Kyra, 42

dropped 4 sizes

Kyra's Story

Kyra Celebrates a Slim Post-Baby, Pre-Wedding Body

I had an upcoming wedding, and to motivate myself I ordered a wedding dress that was a size 6 petite. At the time I was a size 10.

I had been cutting out meals after my baby was born, and although I was losing weight, I felt hungry, tired, and out of shape. I decided to stop the crazy yo-yo dieting and gave myself three months to lose the weight and fit into the dress using FitOrbit. By the end of the second month I fit into the dress and felt great! I was never hungry either! The healthy diet has been something that my whole family has been eating with me, and I notice the change in the amount of fruits and vegetables that we now consume that we didn't previously. We have managed to cut out a lot of carbs, and definitely lowered the amount of fats and oils in our foods. My trainer, Jeannette, helped to encourage me through the whole process and gave me a variety of workouts so I wouldn't get bored. Sometimes I missed workouts as kids and life take priority, but for the most part I was pretty dedicated. My body has gained muscle and I am back in my size 6 clothes, after gaining 70 lbs with my pregnancy. With my son just turning 9 months old, a lean 130lbs is something that I am happy about!

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lost 10 lbs

Christine's Story

Tragedy Strikes, and Christine’s Trainer Helps Her Get Her Life Back

When I first signed up for FitOrbit I was in a tough place. My mother-in-law had just passed away, my husband was very sad, and I had low self-esteem.

To sum it up, we were in a rut! We spent so much time and energy worrying about my mother-in-law, we lost some of our own self-worth. Because of this program I have regained balance and self-esteem. My husband desperately needed a strong wife, and my newfound confidence has helped us in so many ways. I feel better about myself, and my husband is getting through the mourning process. We are in a much better place! What I love most about the program is that it centers on developing a healthy lifestyle, not following a diet. I feel like I can still enjoy life. Also, logging food is easy and the suggested workouts are realistic. My trainer, Lia, is supportive and creative! I feel like she understands me, and as a result she creates great weekly plans. I can be honest with her, and she always responds with helpful hints and suggestions. Lia has made my experience great!! So far I have lost 10 pounds!

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Stephanie, 33

lost 11 lbs

Stephanie's Story

Stephanie Finds Round-the-Clock Support

I don't like the FitOrbit experience.... I LOVE the FitOrbit experience! I wish I had known about this program sooner!

FitOrbit takes the guesswork out of everything. I feel like I have a personal trainer in my pocket that I can ask questions of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The meal plans are fantastic. It's a total no brainer... and I love that it's tailored to me. The recipes are easy and I haven't had a bad one yet! Also, I LOVE that on those days when I don't have time to cook something, I can just punch in my zip code and find a takeout meal nearby with comparable nutritional value. I am losing weight and eating things I like. I also love the workouts and how they include videos that show you how to perform the exercises. I would recommend this site to anyone looking to get in better shape.

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