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A plan to hit your goals
The tools to fit your life
A trainer who puts it all together
FitOrbit Trainer
Amanda Ebner
A Total Plan for Total Success
A Real Life,
Real Results Trainer
with Unlimited Messaging
A Certified Expert to Make
Your Plan. A Devoted Friend
to Push You Along.
Custom Daily
Meal Plan
Delivered Weekly
Practical and tasty menus, meals
and recipes-based on your lifestyle.
Easy to follow, easy to change!
Perfectly Personal
Exercise Plan
Delivered Weekly
At-home or at the gym, your
trainer-made exercise plan is
easy, flexible and fun.
Shop Smart
Grocery List
Printer friendly ingredients list for
every meal in your plan.
Dining Out
Eat smart everywhere - find the
best menu items at the places
closest to you.
Log and Lose
Progress Tracking
The more you log, the more you
lose so use FitOrbit and watch
the pounds melt away.
Smart Tools
to Fit Your Life
Use super-easy meal swap, real
"quick add" for custom foods, and
even talk to your trainer by email
to make FitOrbit fit your life.
Breathe Easy, It's All Done, Just for You
With FitOrbit, It's all there. Your caring trainer, their hand-made plan,
"Log and lose" tracking, instructional videos, recipes, a mobile app and so
much more. Always with you. So, stop struggling with weight loss. Let your
trainer do that, they're pretty good at it.
Your Plan and Your Life, In Perfect Harmony
Skip a workout? Splurge on a meal? Relax, life happens. Your trainer's on it.
They're always there to tweak your plan, add a workout, change-up a menu and
answer questions. Whatever it takes to keep your real plan in sync with your real
life, every day.
We Obsess, So You Don't Have To
FitOrbit is your constant companion - so easy-to-use, you'll use it every day.
The more you use FitOrbit, the more weight you lose. It's that simple, and that
Peace of Mind at Every Turn
With FitOrbit, you get more than a total solution, you get total peace of mind. Buy with confidence of the best satisfaction guarantee in the business, including our:
30 Day
No-Hassle Money
Back Guarantee
Don't love FitOrbit after
30 days, just ask and
we'll give you a 100%
refund with a smile.
Love Your Trainer
Don't love your trainer,
make a change, no
charge, as often as you
need to.
Perfect Plan
If your plan isn't perfect,
you don't pay for the
week. Yep, really.
and Verified
Work with only the best,
certified trainers, verified
by FitOrbit.
and Security
Your info, your plan, your
everything on FitOrbit is
always private and
secure, never shared
with anyone. Period!
How Your FitOrbit Trainer Makes the Perfect Plan for You